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Programs & Resources

Since 1993, our character-inspired programs and resources have inspired, recognized,
and celebrated thousands of people who are champions for character. 

Schools of Character

We recognize schools and districts that implement the rigorous standards of our 11 Principles Framework for Schools.

Promising Practices

Each year we celebrate creative and innovative programs and approaches that schools and organizations have put in place to help children and teens understand, care about and consistently practice the core values that will enable them to flourish in school, in the workplace, and as citizens.

International Forum

To Inspire. Be Inspired.

Join us October 19-20, 2022 for our next Virtual Forum.

Ethics & Integrity Initiative

Character.org recently received a 3-year grant from the School for Ethical Education to increase ethical awareness and behavior in society by inspiring and equipping students of all ages to “live their values.”

Champions for Character Awards

Character.org recognizes and celebrates people and organizations we proudly call “Champions for Character.” We invite you to nominate an individual or organization within one or all of these five areas: Parents & Families; Sports Programs; After-School Programs; International and Workplace.

Sandy Awards

Each year, we honor one individual for his or her long and steadfast commitment to the field of character education. The person receives our “Sanford N. McDonnell Award for Lifetime Achievement in Character Education.”

CSED National Guidelines

We published the National Guidelines for Character and Social-Emotional Development (CSED) to fuse together character and social-emotional development.

Character-Inspired Organizations

Every month Dr. Arthur Schwartz, president of Character.org, speaks with a leader from an organization that inspires people of all ages to practice and model the ethical core values that shape our hearts, minds, and choices.

Student Voices

Each month we invite a teen to share with us a core value that has shaped their moral compass. We hope their stories inspire you!