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By Brandon DiCroce, Fairway Approach

At your average high school or university, chances are that golf is not going to be the most popular sport within the community. Golf is usually played in small groups of 4 or fewer, golf teams are typically pretty small (compared to other sports), and there are not usually a ton of spectators watching their kids play a round of golf.

Golf is the most useful sport for a young professional or college student to pick up and learn. Playing golf can teach life lessons and offer a unique opportunity to network, and ultimately could even provide career advancement opportunities.

There has never been a better time to play golf. The sport is gaining popularity as people are more concerned about team sports and want an opportunity to do something active and fun, without a huge risk of getting exposed to COVID-19.

Here are our top 2 reasons why learning to play golf is a great life skill to learn.

Character Building

Beyond learning the game, golf naturally promotes great character-building habits that will carry across into your everyday life. By playing golf, you naturally build honesty, patience, and problem-solving skills.

Golf will naturally promote and teach honesty; there is nobody watching you while you’re on the course, and you’re supposed to call your own penalties and play the golf ball from where it is. An honest golfer will count every stroke and won’t cheat when they’re putting scores down.

Because the game is quite challenging, it also teaches patience. It’s very easy to get frustrated while out on the golf course, and staying patient is a huge key to staying calm after a bad shot or a bad hole. Playing more golf helps you flex that patience muscle, which of course can be quite useful both on and off the golf course.

Finally, the game of golf can help you become a real problem solver. While you’re out there playing you have to make decisions on every hole and every shot. The game requires a ton of strategy, whether that means avoiding hazards and bunkers or playing shots based off of how the wind blows, there are plenty of opportunities to solve problems and learn from mistakes.

Networking and Career Opportunities

Speaking from experience, there is no better way to build a professional relationship than over a game of golf. I’ve been able to form great relationships on the golf course with people who have helped me further my career. I’ve also been able to take clients to the golf course and get to know them, earn their trust and have them introduce me to more clients, without having to talk about business at all.

Golf and business have gone hand in hand for decades now, and that’s still true today. The golf course provides an intimate setting for you to get to know someone, and not just for 30 minutes. Golf lasts 2-4 hours or more depending on how much you play, and gives you plenty of opportunities to get to know someone. While you’re out there you usually will play with a couple of people, giving you an opportunity to expand your network and get your name out there.

Networking on the golf course is something that can help further your career and allow you to make professional connections. Relationships are key in just about any line of business, and this is a great way to build them.

Final Thoughts

There has never been a better time to pick up the game of golf. Picking up the game in high school or college can serve as a serious advantage later on in life, plus it’s fun! By starting to play golf you’ll give yourself an opportunity to network, and build strong character traits that can last you a lifetime.

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