Promising Practices Newsletter_Dec_2017

FEATURED PRACTICE Annual Digital Literacy and Citizenship Night The West Milford School District hosted its First Annual Digital Literacy and Citizenship Night. The event was set up so that half the attendees would attend a dinner discussion, while the other half selected from multiple breakout sessions covering a multitude of topics. The attendees then swapped places, allowing us to serve well over 400 attendees made up of parents and children from the community. The dinner session was designed to allow parents and their children to react in a dinner like setting, to communicate about topics such as social media, cyber-bullying, and digital footprints, all guided by our director of education. The desire was to foster the experience that can then be taken home a repeated, by those families. During the dinners, our director gave a speech on digital citizenship and the impact of digital footprints. The event included presentations and resources. Families also engaged in hands-on activities that helped sediment that foundation of understanding with regard to those topics. While the dinner was running, breakout sessions for the second half of the attendees provided dialogue from faculty to the community members on our district’s existing use of Common Sense Media, Digital Citizenship, and Google Apps for Education. Question and answer sessions were made available to parents to discuss concerns about privacy, student impact, and resources. A second session allowed the two attending parties to swap places and then was followed by a third session which took place in our auditorium. …
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New Home

The Guiding Powerof Character The Cost Of Character Are you worried about the decline of civility? So are 95 percent of Americans who believe it’s linked to an increase in violence, bullying and discrimination. Annually, U.S. companies lose $400 billion to internal fraud. It’s evident we need resources that encourage and develop character. The Power Of Validation It’s difficult to know when you’re on the right path to good character. But, receiving affirmation through validation and certification provides assurance that your character journey is moving in the right direction. The Effect Of Character Communities focused on character overcome challenges and achieve their goals more efficiently. When we band together and support each other’s successes, we create powerful and caring communities. Our Solution Providing Validation and Direction for Character Initiatives Since 1993 Why With ongoing direction and guidance, character can be cultivated. People of good character can positively impact our communities in a sustainable way. How We validate good character by bringing people together, sharing ideas and recognizing achievement. Download the 11 Principles What Our focused framework includes: Research-based evaluation Feedback and accreditation opportunities Resources and mentoring Conferences, communities and networking Explore Our Four Gateways Of Character Schools Schools can help students become good people, not just good test-takers. With over 20 years of experience, has a library of resources and tools to help educators create Schools of Character. Explore This Gateway Sports Some coaches drill their teams to win …
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Forum Recorded Videos

2017 Forum Recordings If you didn’t make it to the 2017 National Forum, you can still access a lot of its great ideas by ordering the  video recordings. You can watch the recordings at your convenience. Don’t miss this opportunity to hear from experts like Harvard’s Richard Weissbourd and best-selling author Michele Borba. Learn from veteran educators like Hal Urban and young speakers like Houston Kraft. As a special bonus, we also recorded the International Summit. International Summit plus all ballroom sessions and keynotes – $175 International Summit – $75 ORDER NOW >> Videotaped Sessions: Thursday, October 19 Friday, October 20 Saturday, October 21

2017 Forum Exhibitors

2017 Forum Exhibitors   A Better Way Today Booth 2 A Better Way Today promotes the Basic Right Over Wrong (B-ROW) character building resources for children up to 10 years of age. B-ROW make learning good character fun with resources for home, school and community organizations, including written curricula, computer based animated character stories with quizzes and musical performances.   Around the Piano Booth 1 Around the Piano is a resource for teachers and team leaders that uses music to get young people singing, talking, and writing about character Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School Booth 12 Baltimore Chesapeake Bay Outward Bound School is a non-profit educational organization serving people of all ages/backgrounds/socioeconomic status through challenging wilderness expeditions that inspire self-discovery, both in and out of the classroom. Students learn to dig deep and push themselves, often finding there is more in them than they know. Change the World Institute Booth 19 Change the World Institute’s approach is to make reading about character, values, and social change fun, while also offering an insight into character. We do this with non-fiction books for adults along with empowering stories for children. Those stories for story time make learning about character easy and fun. Booth 16 focuses on defining and encouraging effective practices and approaches to quality character education and provides a forum for the exchange of ideas. We are a nonprofit organization that strives to ensure every young person …
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Alan B. Shepard Elementary School

Alan B. Shepard Elementary School Old Bridge, New Jersey 2011 and 2016 National School of Character In 2002, Shepard’s first character initiative was born. A “No Tolerance to Bullying Policy” was implemented along with introduction of the districts new Elementary School Counseling Program (ESP). The school began to take a proactive approach to social and emotional development and the part-time counselor began infusing social problem solving skills training and core value education into her work with students. Gradually, the faculty began to realize that they needed to broaden the role of character education and expand it to ensure that it was not taught in isolation. In 2004 a character education committee was formed. After input from students, staff, parent and the community, the Character Counts program was adopted. Next, a partnership with Hamilton Township was created. Ideas were exchanged and the program soared to new heights. Eventually the school became a National School of Character, but the momentum did not stop there. Shepard school was the impetus for district-wide transformation helping the district and 11 of it’s schools become National Schools/District of Character. After 2 changes in principals, school counselors and only 4 teachers remaining of the original staff that brought the school to national acclaim, our school continually reinvents itself to meet the needs within. Every year we create new initiatives because educators, parents, students and administrators are truly synergistic as they bounce ideas and plan for the months ahead. …
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