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We believe parents and families are a child’s first character educator

Parents have a responsibility to foster and develop their children’s character strengths. This is especially true during the teen years when young people begin to exercise their voice and independence.

virtual forum

Parenting for Character Development

Dr. Ken Ginsburg gave a keynote on parenting for character development during our Virtual Forum in October. View an edited clip from his keynote on our YouTube channel.

Dr. Ginsburg is the Founding Director of the Center for Parent & Teen Communication and Professor of Pediatrics at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. He is the author of 5 award-winning parenting books, including Raising Kids to Thrive and Building Resilience in Children and Teens (4th Edition).

Interested in learning more?

These organizations can help get you started:

Families of Character

Provides parents and families with the tools to instill character in their homes.

Generation Text Online

Helps schools develop an environment of trust between parents and staff.

Harvest Time Partners

Provides resources to support and encourage individuals and families, to reach their full potential.

The Center for Parent & Teen Communication

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