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Make an Impact

Your donation will fuel our bold vision to ensure a future where people everywhere are more ethical, civic-minded, and caring. 

In addition to making a personal gift on this page, we also encourage you to make an impact through
corporate supportfoundation support or legacy giving.

All donations are greatly appreciated and no gift is too small as every dollar helps support our mission.  

$25: Gratitude

$100: Integrity 

$250: Generosity  

$500: Perserverance

$1,000: Purpose

$2,500: Courage

Your generous gift will be used to further Character.org’s mission. As a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, we rely on the support of our donors. All gifts are applied to the annual fund unless the donor requests otherwise. This allows us to focus on our most pressing needs. 

Give online or send check payable to Character.org to:
PO Box 650307
Sterling, VA 20165 USA

Please contact Iris Wyatt with any questions. 

Your donation will:

Expand our worldwide network for character.

Advocate for character for everyone, everywhere.

Impact schools, organizations, workplaces, communities, and families from all over the world.

Empower ethical, engaged, and compassionate citizens worldwide.