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Dr. Jason Ohler teaches us how to use technology effectively, creatively and wisely.

You’re in Charge
Helping students, educators, anyone think ethically about technology
Dec. 3, 2015 | 7:00 pm EST
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Presenter: Presenter: Dr. Jason Ohler, digital humanist //
Professor Emeritus, Educational Technology, University of Alaska

Tell students what to do with their tech, and they’ll game the system. Involve them in making rules about using their technology, and they’ll frame the system. Neuroscientists say our ethical reasoning abilities aren’t fully developed until our early 20s. How do we help jump start the process? By providing students opportunities to practice framing the system to think about how technology impacts their lives.

This presentation puts participants in charge of developing policy for using technology and the Internet. They develop rules and big picture perspectives to navigate the complex issues of living a digital lifestyle. In the process they develop skills that transfer to emerging, mind boggling tech we can’t even imagine yet. This activity adapts well to any group: education, commerce, policy makers.

Based on: Digital Community, Digital Citizen: “…an important read for anyone wanting to understand technology’s impact on education.” Will Richardson, Also, Taming the Beast: Choice and Control in the Electronic Jungle: “…the best of the books appearing about the (effects of) media in the education of our youth.”  Neil Postman


Dr. Jason OhlerDr. Jason Ohler is a professor emeritus, speaker, writer, teacher, and cyber researcher. He is also a lifelong digital humanist who is well known for the passion, insight, and humor he brings to his presentations, projects and publications. He has spent over three decades leading educators, students and community members in the effective, creative and wise use of technology. He is first and foremost a storyteller, telling tales of the future that are grounded in the past.