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Washington, D.C. (May 24, 2023) – Character.org is pleased to announce the results of its 2023 Laws of Life essay contest. The Laws of Life essay contest encourages elementary, middle school and high school students to reflect and write about a core value that means the most to them – and why. It provides students the opportunity to write from the heart to explain their thinking to others.

This is the second year Character.org has managed this contest, having expanded the contest previously run by the Connecticut-based School for Ethical Education, whose grant to Character.org makes the Laws of Life program possible. The School for Ethical Education managed the contest in Connecticut for several years. The original Laws of Life contest began in 1997 under the management of the John Templeton Foundation.

Students from the United States and nine other countries in grades 4 – 12 participated during the 2022-2023 school year, submitting a total of 1,139 essays from 98 schools. Pennsylvania and New Jersey students submitted the majority of the U.S. essays, with 63 U.S. schools participating in the 2023 contest. Romania and Brazil accounted for 70% of the essays submitted from outside the United States, from a total of 35 schools.

All student participants will receive recognition from Character.org. Six students are being honored for writing essays which were evaluated by a team of judges and deemed “Most Compelling” Worldwide, based upon content, structure, grammar and spelling. An additional twenty students, ten each from the United States and countries outside the U.S., are being recognized for writing exemplary essays in the high school and elementary/middle school age groups. Additionally, Character.org is recognizing the work of one student from each school that participated. (A list of these honorees is attached.)

More information about the Laws of Life essay contest and this year’s student honorees is available at Character.org’s website at https://character.org/laws-of-life-contest/. Character.org is a worldwide network that empowers people of all ages to practice and model the core values that shape our hearts, minds, and choices. Since 1993, we have created and shared character-inspired resources for families, schools, and organizations across the world. Every year we also recognize and celebrate thousands of people who are champions for character.

List of 2023 Laws Of Life Honorees 

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