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The Field of Character Lost a Giant Recently

  In mid-November, Robert “Bob” Kern passed away at age 96. I met Mr. Kern decades ago when he invited me to Wisconsin to meet his colleagues at the Kern Family Foundation. What I vividly recall during my time with Mr. Kern was not only his hospitality but his...

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Why Would Anyone Think Winning Is A Virtue?

Note to reader: I try to use this blog series to shape the work of Character.org. At the end of this post, I pose 3 Questions. If one sparks your imagination, I hope you will share with me your ideas. I’m eager to learn.  The commentator Dana Loesch recently...

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The Joy of Being a Grandparent

I became a grandfather for the first time this past week. The birth of my grandsonopened a floodgate of positive emotions and thoughts. Will he love both sportsand dancing (like his dad)? Will he love animals (like his mom)? Will he love JaneAustin (like my wife)? His...

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Are Rules Becoming Obsolete?

Note to reader: I enjoy asking questions that could potentially shape and focus the work of Character.org. At the end of this short post I pose 5 Questions. If one of them sparks your imagination, I hope you will share your ideas with me. I’m eager to learn. ...

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Character.org Recognizes 152 Promising Practices

Washington, DC (June 1, 2022) - Character.org, a national advocate and leader for character in schools and communities, today certified 152 Promising Practices in schools and organizations. "We are extremely proud to recognize the schools and organizations that have...

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