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Character.org Announces 2021 Lifetime Achievement Award Recipient

Character.org has selected Michele Borba, Ed.D. to receive the 2021 Sanford N. McDonnell Award for Lifetime Achievement in Character Education. The “Sandy Award” is named in honor of Sandy McDonnell, one of the driving forces behind the current character education movement in the United States.

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A Virtuous Contemplation

Poor Richard’s Almanac is full of classic character wisdom, such as “Haste makes waste,” and “Don’t throw stones at your neighbors if your own windows are glass.” Benjamin Franklin also wrote in “The Art of Virtue” about a process of identifying and striving toward 13 character virtues he deemed of paramount importance. I found inspiration in this passage and decided to go on my own character virtues journey. I started by reflecting on positive feedback I’ve received in performance reviews but quickly realized that virtues go beyond work and school. So I shifted gears and started thinking about interactions in the world and at home that I’ve felt really good about.

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