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Global Reach

Character is Global

One of Character.org’s strategic goals is to support schools and communities throughout the world. In 2016, Secundaria Tec de Monterrey Campus Chihuahua in Mexico was the first school outside the United States to be certified by Character.org as a School of Character. Since then, we have certified schools in Mexico, China, Colombia and Brazil.

Each year educators and community leaders from 10-15 nations attend our National Forum.

We have also recognized dozens of Promising Practices from schools and communities outside the United States.

If you are interested in learning more about Character.org and our 11 Principles Framework, please contact Tamra Nast, our Director of Training and Coaching or Lili Borrero, Senior Consulant, Global Outreach.

Schools of Character – International

2021 – CEL Intercultural School (Brazil)

2020 – Colegio Nueva Granada (Colombia)

2019 – Jinling Primary School (China)

2018 –  Secundaria Bilingüe Albert Einstein (Mexico)

2017 – Secundaria Tec de Monterrey Campus Cd. Juárez (Mexico)

2017 – Secundaria del Tecnologico de Monterrey Campus Laguna (Mexico)

2017 – Secundaria Bilingüe Carlos Darwin (Mexico)

2016 – Secundaria Tec de Monterrey Campus Chihuahua (Mexico)

Lili Borrero

Lili Borrero

Senior Consultant, Global Outreach

Promising Practices – International

Colegio Nueva Granada (Colombia)

Parenting for Character Planning Team
Principle 10: Engages families and community members as partners.

Each month, 22 parents meet to discuss and recommend ways in which parents can be more involved in the school’s comprehensive character development. The Planning Team recently developed a Parent Portal, a digital platform for parents to easily access all the relevant information about the school, including its character initiative. One of the “aha” moments for the team members was how the Parent Portal provides parents with a one-stop-resource to get involved in CNG’s different character development initiatives. The Planning Team is currently addressing how all families can learn about and reinforce the school’s core values of respect, responsibility, integrity, and caring.

Haiti Partners Children's Academy and Learning Center (Haiti)

SASA! – Preventing Violence Against Girls and Women
Principle 10: Engages family and community members as partners.

The Haiti Partners Children’s Academy and Learning Center developed the program SASA! in 2015 with the NGO, Beyond Borders. SASA! addresses sexism, domestic violence, sexual harassment and rape in Haitian society. The program helps both Haitian men and women rethink their relationship to power and personal agency. Over 700 parents, staff, and community members within the Children’s Academy network have been trained in SASA!

Secundaria Bilingüe Tec de Monterrey Campus Cd. Juárez (Mexico)

Recycling to Help Others
Principle 4: Creates a caring community.

The entire school community works together to collect plastic that is then sold to a nearby recycling company. The money is used to help Children’s Home (“Manantial”), an organization that protects and supports children with a disability, including expenses related to surgeries and special treatments.

CEL Intercultural School (Brazil)

Character Education Monthly Meetings
Principle 9: Fosters shared leadership.

The school’s Character Committee meets monthly to discuss how best to implement the school’s comprehensive character initiative. Over the course of the year committee members will read and exchange ideas on the theories and practices developed by well-known character educators (e.g, Thomas Lickona, Marvin Berkowitz), discuss ways to involve all staff members and family members in character education, and most recently, how to foster each student’s sense of autonomy, belonging, and competence (ABC). The school also holds monthly trainings and invites all employees, parents and students to paricipate. Once a year, the school distributes to all staff members and families a publication that explains what the school has accomplished during the past year related to its character education mission.

I can truly say that coming across The 11 Principles of Character transformed my work. The 11 Principles are concrete guidelines for successfully developing a culture of character in any school. Tamra and her colleagues at Character.org do an exceptional job explaining the principles and coaching you through their implementation.

Sonia Kaba Pardo

São Paulo, Brazil