Character Education Partnership Announces 2013 National Schools of Character

29 Schools Recognized for Creating Academic and Social Culture Where Students Thrive

MAY 9, 2013, Washington, DC –Character Education Partnership (CEP) is proud to name 29 schools and districts to its roster of National Schools of Character (NSOC). Each school or district is recognized for its commitment to character education and for fostering a positive environment for social and academic learning.

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How to Know if Your Child is a Bully at School

by Sonny Giffin

Once upon a time, bullying was considered par for the course of childhood by many parents, and as such was largely disregarded. With the evolution of technology, however, bullying has become far more pervasive and damaging than the playground taunts of days gone by, and it’s becoming more and more important for parents to do their part in the prevention of childhood harassment. Not only is it essential for parents to understand the warning signs and conditions that could foster an affection for bullying, but also to admit that even their own child could be an offender.

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