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Character.org Certifies 47 Schools and 1 District 2021 National Schools of Character

“We are pleased to announce and celebrate the schools and school district that have earned this national recognition,” said Dr. Arthur Schwartz, President of Character.org. “The educators at these schools model and reinforce the core values of respect and dignity. They are teaching their students to be honest and trustworthy, to contribute their time and talents to the common good, and when necessary, to show the courage to stand up for what is right.”

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Relationships. Company.

As a young teacher working in primary school classrooms, I never really had any issues with discipline. It certainly wasn’t because of the lack of challenges.

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Mainely Character—The Scholarship Where Character Counts

Last year, Mainely Character Scholarships were awarded to five Maine high school graduates of exemplary character. Our scholarships are unique.  We do not consider traditional measures of student achievement- grades, success in sports or excellence in the arts, or even financial need – just character: demonstrated concern, responsibility, courage, and integrity.

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Character.org Certifies 76 State Schools and 1 District of Character

“We are pleased to announce today the 2021 State Schools and Districts of Character,” said Dr. Arthur Schwartz, Character.org’s President. “We congratulate these schools on achieving State School of Character designation in a year filled with so many challenges. The educators and parents at these schools work together to ensure that every child understands, cares about, and consistently practice the core values that form the heart of each family and school. We are honored to recognize their efforts and share their inspiring work with schools and school districts throughout the United States and internationally.”

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