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Laws of Life Essay Contest Produces Champions of Character

By Wendy Horbinski - Coordinator, Laws of Life For me, sharing the 2024 Laws of Life “Most Compelling," "Exemplary,” and “School Honoree” essays on our Character.org website Thursday was the exciting culmination of a project that engulfed an entire school year.  But...

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Welcoming Our 2024 National Schools of Character

By Dr. Arthur Schwartz  Congratulations to the 73 schools that recently became our 2024 National Schools of Character. Below are a few “data points” about these incredible schools and how they have fostered “character” as the heartbeat of their school culture....

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Fueling the Power of Rituals

By Dr. Arthur Schwartz  What’s your favorite ritual? Is it a family ritual? A religious ritual? Perhaps a meaningful practice you look forward to every day or once a week? For years, I noodled with the idea of writing a book on the power of ritual. I’m glad I didn’t...

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Why Every Teen Needs an Inner Compass

By Dr. Arthur Schwartz  Years ago, the field of character education mainly focused on developing strategies and curricula aligned with the belief that character is taught and caught. In short, as parents, coaches, and teachers, we needed to be intentional about...

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Igniting The Power Of Purpose

By Dr. Arthur Schwartz  According to a recently released report by Gallup and The Walton Family Foundation, almost half of all Gen Zers assert that school lacks a ‘sense of purpose.’  This past week, scores of articles, especially those on education platforms, have...

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Celebrating Character Lab

By Dr. Arthur Schwartz  This past week Character Lab announced that they will be sunsetting their operations in June. I’m bummed. Over a decade ago, after Angela Duckworth’s research on grit became widely known, she co-founded the nonprofit Character Lab. The...

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