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Character Spotlight: Dr. Tom Harrison

Dr. Tom Harrison is the Director of Education at the Jubilee Centre for Character and Virtues and Program Director for the MA in Character Education at the University of Birmingham in England. He is also the author of THRIVE: How to Cultivate Character So Your Children Can Flourish Online.

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Newspaper in Education: Ukraine 2022

The March Washington Post online curriculum guide focuses on Ukraine, its history and current invasion by Russia. There are many entry points for cross-disciplinary reading and discussion. Using “How Ukraine became Ukraine, in 7 maps” students get practice in map reading, a world history lesson, and a glimpse into one land being fought over for centuries. Students meet Post reporters, photojournalists and video journalists as they are covering different regions of Ukraine. Articles explain NATO, SWIFT and sanctions; provide a background on culture and language, and nuclear experts examine the reasons to be concerned when nuclear power plants were taken. Editorials, commentary and editorial cartoons as well as Washington Post Live interviews present diverse points of view.

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Ethics in Action Series: Why Do Kids Steal?

Most kids know that stealing is wrong. So why do they do it? It’s also important for adults to recognize that not all kids who steal are on their way to becoming juvenile delinquents. So what do parents need to know? And what can caring adults do when they discover a child or teen stealing?

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