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In-Person Training


Character.org works directly with school leaders who want to deepen their understanding of the 11 Principles Framework.

Today, experts from Character.org travel throughout the country (and worldwide) to coach teachers, counselors, school leaders and district coordinators on how to integrate the 11 Principles Framework into every aspect of their approach to character development. 
Our engaging workshops are a difference maker. We have a variety of Workshop Options to help you get where you want to go. Virtual workshops are also available!

*All workshops use the latest version of: The 11 Principles Framework for Schools:
A Guide to Cultivating a Culture of Character

Tamra Nast
Director of Training & Coaching


"The 11 Principles Workshop was a transformative experience. I learned how core values can become the heart of a school. I came away with invaluable tools and strategies that will strengthen and enhance our character initiative. I highly recommend this workshop."

-Dr. Stephania Sherman, Imagine Schools.

"Overall, the workshop was an enriching experience that left me feeling empowered and motivated to incorporate the principles of character into my teaching practice. I am grateful for the opportunity to have participated and look forward to continuing my journey toward creating a more compassionate and values-driven learning environment for my students."

-Guray Taysever, Principal | School of Science and Technology-Corpus Christi

"I'm happy to share my fantastic experience at the 11 Principles workshop led by Tamra Nast from Character.org! This workshop was a goldmine of essential and transformative insights that engaged and energized me. I enjoyed the group discussions and feedback. I gained priceless knowledge about fostering character development both personally and in others. Here’s to more growth, learning, and positive change!"

-Patricia Roach-4th grade teacher, Imagine Charter School at Weston

"I truly enjoyed the 11 Principles Workshop today. I am coming away with much clarity about the 11 Principles Framework for Schools. I'm eager to learn and implement some of the strategies. Thank you, thank you!"

Jummai Adeniji Fashola – Special Education Teacher

"I think the School of Character journey is about telling each school’s story. We are in an age where the social media footprint is littered with negativity that dampens hope and can crush even the happiest of spirits. However, when we realize how much good is happening, hope is ignited, communities are changed, and lives are impacted."

Nellie Christian – Assistant Principal

We offer a range of options!

One-Day Workshop

A school team explores each of the 11 Principles via “hands-on” activities, a wide range of school-based examples and a “next steps” plan.

Two-Day Workshop

Includes all the activities from a one-day workshop, as well as one of our Character.org coaches working with the school team to develop a clear and compelling multi-year action plan.

Deep Dive Workshop

This workshop is for schools that have already been nationally certified and want to integrate character development more intentionally into all aspects of their school.

Customized Workshop

This could include multiple visits or the same visit with multiple options to support a school or multiple schools across a district.

Conference Speaking and other sessions for Educators and Parents

To further inspire character development in schools and homes.

Diagnostic Site Visits

This is a popular first step for schools to see where they currently are in relationship to the 11 Principles. After the visit, the evaluator creates a roadmap to assist the school in becoming a School of Character.

Meet Tamra Nast

Director, Training and Coaching

Tamra inspires schools to learn more about and apply The 11 Principles Framework for Schools. Her background as a teacher, school counselor, parent, and character coordinator provides a wealth of experience as she teaches, coaches, and supports educators to embed service learning, intrinsic motivation, and character development into their schools and districts worldwide.

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