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The Golden Compass Workbook

A resource created by The School for Ethical Education

SEE’s Golden Compass process described helps students learn how to use pro-social character strengths and The Golden Rule to guide their choices.   

While The Golden Compass process can be applied K-12, the cases in the workbook are written for application in middle and high schools.  The activities and skills taught through applying The Golden Compass empowers students to make the right decision for the right reasons. 

Benefits of Student Mastery of The Golden Compass Process

• Provides students with the dilemmas so they can practice how to make the right decision
• Supports your school’s character development initiative
• Uses ethical cases found in history, literature or science
• Offers resources for health classes
• Prepares students to understand, care about and consistently practice core ethical values

“Golden Compass dilemmas ​are among the best character education activities I’ve ever read. I highly recommend this book!”

Dr. Hal Urban

Author, Life's Greatest Lessons

The School for Ethical Education has been supporting the character-based decision making process with The Golden Compass since 2006.  The Golden Compass Workbook presents 56 dilemmas to help students master the Golden Compass process. The dilemmas are ethical situations relevant to the life of middle school and high school students while at school, home and in the community. The Golden Compass Workbook can be used in literature, history or science and health classes.

Free online Professional Development Webinar (two-part series)
provided with every purchase of The Golden Compass workbook.